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Ranch entrance

Grass Fed Beef

We offer the finest Grass-Fed beef available. Raised and nurtured on the Circle S Ranch for you.  On occasion we will give our animals a treat of (all natural) sweet cob mix and a natural mineral supplement. We never feed them any form of growth hormones or other non-natural supplements.  We are a small family operation that even has our own in-family health care for our animals ( our son in-law, a large animal Vet, personally looks after our herd's health.

Beef Sale

Our beef sales work in the following manner:  You buy the steer and we provide the packaged beef for your freezer or freezers for you and your friends or other family members.  It is a very simple process that allows you to provide Grass-Fed (no hormones added) American raised beef for you an/or your family.  The price per pound of beef on your table is much less than what you can obtain anywhere else for this level of quality beef. You can contact us via email for ordering your steer or you can call us directly. For your convenience, our beef is processed locally in Chico, CA. Contact us via email at cowboy@cowboygear.com.

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angus and calf


The Circle S Ranch

The Circle S Ranch is located in Butte County, California. The ranch is at the beginning foothills of the Sierra Mountains. It has four natural springs and a year round creek flowing through it. The grass provides for all-year feeding of the herd.  The views of surrounding hills and mountains are fabulous.  The climate is temperate with a few very hot weeks in the summer and a few weeks of cold weather in the winter.  We do get a few days with ice on the troughs but normally we don't have any snow.  A few pictures of the ranch are shown below.


This is beautiful ranch country. It is far enough away from everything to be peaceful, yet close enough to Chico,Ca to be convenient for shopping and other activities. If you are looking for land, a complete ranch setup (not ours, ha) or a residence in this area of Chico, Paradise or in Butte county, contact us. My wife is a very knowledgable realtor and practices in this area.  Again, contact us via email at cowboy@cowboygear.com

Animal Care

As previously stated our cattle are grass fed, they drink spring water and additionally, they have the very best of Veterinary care if and when needed by our own in-family Veterinary Doctor.   He has a vast amount of experience in caring for cattle and gives our cattle very special attention.


Cows and Cowboy Stuff

In addition to being a cattle ranch, the Circle S Ranch is also the home of two other websites : www.cowboygear.com and www.cowboymuseum.org.

Cowboygear.com is a site where you can buy cowboy collectibles including spurs, bits, saddles, chaps, branding irons, general tack, art and books. This website is undergoing a facelift (it has been around almost as long as the internet has) but while we are updating it and adding additional items and new catagories for sale, you can still visit it and contact us via e-mail at cowboy@cowboygear.com

The Cowboymuseum.org site is our attempt to share with others, our love of "all things cowboy".  Basically, it is a reference site for cowboy collectible items to help identify items as to their use, makers and approximate age.